Divorce Lawyers in Durban

You can hire a divorce lawyer in Durban to help you with your divorce. However, you need to understand that even the best lawyer cannot change the court’s decision. The court’s decision will be based on the child’s best interests. Your divorce lawyer must act in the best interest of your child at all times.

Tracey-Leigh Wessels

Tracey-Leigh Wessels, an attorney and divorce mediator, practices in Durban. Her practice specializes in family law and family mediation. She also handles issues relating to child custody, adoption, and reproductive law, including surrogacy. She has been practicing law in the area since 1999.

Tracey-Leigh has extensive mediation experience, having handled many family disputes. In recent years, she has also expanded her practice into civil mediation, such as elder mediation to remain married. Tracey-Leigh believes that mediation is theĀ divorce lawyers in durban most effective way to resolve family disputes, preserve relationships, and protect children.

She is based in La Lucia, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. She has experience in a wide range of divorce cases, including high-asset divorces and complex property division.

Karen Botha

Karen Botha, divorce lawyers in Durban, has been in the business of helping women get their lives back on track after the end of a marriage. Her experience as a child and as a spouse has given her the passion to help others. Listen to Karen’s interview with Jane Linley-Thomas for more information.

Karen Botha was one of the first female divorce lawyers in Durban to set up her own firm in January 2018. She has won many awards, including Woza Women in Law awards for “Best Family Lawyer” and “Covid-19 Gender-Based Violence Champion”. She is also an active social worker and supports various women’s support groups and single parents.

Karen Olivier

If you are looking for divorce lawyers in Durban that are able to handle a range of family law matters, the Law Offices of Karen Olivier is the right place for you. As family law specialists, their attorneys are well versed in ensuring that the rights of both parents and children are upheld. They regularly represent parents in cases involving their children.

The Law Offices of Karen Olivier are based in Morningside, Durban. Their office is at 3 Hampden Road, Durban 4001, South Africa. Contacting them will allow them to assist you through the entire process. Their team will also be able to explain the details of each procedure and help you understand what you are signing.

Karen Olivier’s practice focuses on civil, family and human rights law. She views upholding the rights of her clients as her number one priority. Similarly, her approach to the application of law is based on equality, which she considers a core element of civilized society.