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How to Manage Fleet Services

Fleet services include scheduled preventative maintenance, repairs, and monitoring performance of company vehicles. They are essential in keeping company vehicles in good working condition and operating at maximum efficiency. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of dozens, you need to manage them all. Read on for some tips to manage your company’s fleet.

Keeping company vehicles in good operating condition

Keeping company vehicles in good operating condition is an important part of ensuring your business’s safety. Vehicles should be equipped with safety equipment such as flashlights, flares, and reflective vests. They should also have snow tires or chains in case of inclement weather. A basic first-aid kit is also required. Jumper cables or a cordless battery jumper should also be included in every vehicle.

Whether your company vehicle is new or used, regular maintenance is crucial for keeping it in top condition. Routine maintenance and regular oil changes reduce the risk of breakdowns and emergency repairs, and well-maintained vehicles are more valuable to businesses. In addition, poorly maintained vehicles can have hidden problems that can lead to major damage and shorten their service life.

Scheduling preventative maintenance

When it comes to fleet management, scheduling preventative maintenance is crucial to the efficiency of your fleet. Proper maintenance will keep your fleet in top shape and prevent expensive repairs. Using effective fleet management software will also improve your preventive maintenance program. It will help you determine which parts of your fleet need repair and what preventative maintenance tasks you need to perform to reduce risks.

The goal of preventative maintenance is to prevent catastrophic failure, which can cause your vehicles to be out of service for days, and can result in costly repairs. You can determine how often you want to schedule preventative maintenance for your fleet based on the type of vehicle and its usage. For example, mileage-based maintenance is better for fleets that operate across state lines. This prevents vehicles from traveling too far between inspections.

Scheduling repairs

In order to ensure that your fleet stays in top shape, you should consider implementing a fleet maintenance management system. This software can alert you of imminent maintenance needs and help you avoid any unplanned breakdowns. It will also help you reduce the number of cancellations, late deliveries and disappointed customers. With fleet maintenance management software, you can create custom PM Schedules and track them by mileage, hours or kilometers. This fleet services Calgary way, you will know exactly when to schedule repairs for your fleet.

Moreover, scheduling maintenance and repairs automatically will help you save time and money. Besides, automated fleet maintenance will ensure that your fleet is in top shape and that your drivers are safe on the road. It will also improve compliance and vehicle reliability, as well as save you time. However, you should remember that each fleet vehicle will have different maintenance needs and operating environments. For example, specialized trucks may require frequent stops and goes, a high amount of idle time and off-road driving.

Monitoring fleet performance

One of the most effective ways to increase the productivity of your fleet is to monitor your fleet performance through KPIs. This will allow you to see where inefficiencies lie, and how you can improve on them. These measures can also help you to improve the efficiency of your fleet and improve your profits. After all, every fleet manager wants to increase their bottom line by using data to optimize their fleet’s performance.

By monitoring the performance of your fleet, you’ll have a better understanding of where it is going and how long it is taking it to get there. If your drivers are spending more time on a specific site than they should be, you can take measures to ensure they’re completing the job on time. If your machines need inspections, you’ll also have a better idea of how long they need to spend in each location.

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