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How to Use the IP2Proxy Database to Identify Proxy Users

If you have users who are using proxies to bypass Web site restrictions, or if you’re worried about malicious users hiding their true location by using proxy servers, it’s important to be able to detect when they do so. The IP2Proxy database of known proxies can help you do that. It can also give you more information about the users who are connecting via a proxy, such as their country, region, city, ISP and proxy type.

Proxy servers are used by users to avoid restrictions on their Internet connections, but they can also be used to commit fraud or send spam. To prevent these users from accessing your site, you can use the IP2Proxy database to identify their location and other details.

To use the database, specify a host name or IP address and a port number. You can also specify a range of addresses for which you want to check whether the user is using a proxy. If you don’t want to check all addresses, you can use an asterisk (or comma) to denote a wildcard for any number of characters. You can also check the option “No proxy for” to ensure that only users who are not using a proxy will be detected.

Aside from the IP2Proxy proxy detection database download database, you can also get proxy detection information by looking up an IP address in R. This will return the proxy server type and other information, such as the country, region, city, ISP, domain name, usage type and threat.

Another way to identify proxy users is to check for the presence of the GeoGuard behavior. This behavior is configured to identify requests for your content that come from a proxy server, and it will take the appropriate action.

You can find the GeoGuard behavior in the Property Manager in Akamai Edge Orchestrator. The default configuration mode for this behavior is Enhanced Proxy Detection, which uses the GeoGuard service provided by our data partner, GeoComply, to detect proxy and other location spoofing attempts. This configuration mode is recommended for most situations, but it is possible to customize which categories GeoGuard identifies as essential to your needs and configure the desired Action.