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Railroad Explorer Las Vegas

Rail Explorers is a year-round, all-ages, outdoor adventure attraction featuring pedal-powered rail bikes. The excursions are conducted on two or four-seat rail bikes and cost $45 per person. The idea for the company came from a scene in a Korean soap opera.

Rail Explorers is a year-round, all-ages, outdoor-adventure attraction featuring pedal-powered rail bikes

Pedal-powered rail bikes are a fun, unique way to explore Nevada’s beautiful scenery. The company offers both pedal-powered and electric-motor-powered tours. It has five locations in the US, including Las Vegas.

The rail bikes are comfortable and easy to ride for people of any age or fitness level. There are pedals on each seat, and the bikes are accessible for children and those with disabilities.

Tours cost $45 per person

You can also choose between two options when it comes to sightseeing in Las Vegas. The first is the Tandem Rail Explorer, which allows two people to share the experience. The other option is the Quad Rail Explorer, which seats four people. These tours cost around $85 and $150 per person, respectively.

Each tour runs four miles and has several unique experiences. The daytime tour is a four-mile downhill pedal ride, while the sunset tour is a scenic ride downhill as the sun sets. Another unique option is the Evening Lantern Ride, which offers a unique experience that is illuminated by stars and moonlight. Each ride starts at the Nevada State Railroad Museum and continues downhill toward Railroad Pass. At the end of the tour, passengers take the museum train back up to the top of the hill. Each tour includes free museum entry.

Inspiration for the company comes from a scene in a Korean soap opera

Mary Joy Lu, the founder of Railroad Explorer Las Vegas, owes her inspiration for the business to a scene in a Korean soap opera. She was intrigued by a scene where a character was riding a rail bike. Within 10 days, she was on a plane to South Korea to meet the company that designed and manufactured these unique machines. She eventually went back to South Korea in 2015 and brought a fleet of these explorers to the U.S., where they’ve been a hit among locals.