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Tips & Tricks from Progressive Heating and Air for Do-It-Yourself HVAC Repair

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, it is important to know a few tips about DIY HVAC maintenance. While a commercial HVAC system requires regular professional servicing, there are things that you can do to help maintain your own home or office’s comfort and efficiency while reducing repair costs and minimizing energy bills.


#1 Change the Air Filter

The most basic but essential maintenance tip for your HVAC system is to change or clean the air filter regularly. This will keep the air flowing through your home or office properly, preventing dust and other debris from blocking it.

#2 Check the Air Vents and Registers

Keeping your vents and registers clean is another important way to help keep your HVAC¬†Progressive Heating and Air’s Tips and Tricks for DIY HVAC Maintenance system running at peak performance. Many homeowners close the vents in rooms they do not use, thinking that it will save energy, but this can actually make your system less efficient by limiting how much heat is distributed evenly throughout the home.

#3 Check the Power to the Capacitor

If you are not getting full power to your compressor or motor, it is likely that the capacitor or contactor has an internal fault. This can be checked by applying your meter leads across the C and R terminals of the compressor or, for three-phase systems, T1-T2-T3.

#4 Make Sure the Thermostat Is Working Correctly

The fall season is notoriously unpredictable with its wildly fluctuating temperatures. This can confuse your thermostat, leading to inaccurate readings and inefficient heating or cooling. If you are experiencing these issues, it may be time to invest in a smart thermostat. These devices can be programmed to provide accurate temperature readings and can be controlled from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

#5 Clean the Thermostat Sensors

If your thermostat sensors are dirty, they can prevent the furnace from turning on when needed. This can lead to a lot of stress on the HVAC system and result in an expensive repair bill.

#6 Have a Service Technician Check Your HVAC System and Ductwork

It is important to have your HVAC system and ductwork checked annually by a professional to ensure that it is operating correctly. This will catch any new problems before they start to run up your energy bill and affect indoor air quality.

#7 Consider a New Thermostat

Changing the thermostat is an easy but often overlooked maintenance tip for your HVAC system. Modern thermostats are more sophisticated than their old-fashioned counterparts, allowing you to easily control your home or office’s heating and cooling from your smartphone or tablet. Some even have built-in features that can help you reduce your energy consumption.

#8 Get a Manual J Calculation

A manual j calculation is an essential part of designing your HVAC system for a new construction or remodeling project. If you are building a new home or have an existing system that needs to be replaced, having a professional conduct this calculation will help ensure that you are installing the right size system for your space.

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