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What Is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy is a method of using electromagnetic fields to improve a variety of health conditions. This type of therapy works by introducing mild electrical magnetic currents into damaged cells to increase blood flow and re-establish normal cell interaction. It is used to treat a variety of painful conditions, including arthritis, lupus, and soft tissue injuries.

Some patients may need to use a PEMF machine for more than a few sessions to achieve results. For those who are suffering from chronic pain, it is recommended that they follow a treatment regimen that requires at least two hours of therapy per day for 45-60 days. If you are considering this therapy, consult a doctor to discuss your options.

Several clinical studies have been conducted to study the effects of PEMF therapy. The positive effects of PEMF include the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, restore and repair bone, and increase nitric oxide production. Research has also shown that PEMF may help with sleep disorders, hepatitis, and Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is no proven scientific evidence for these effects, so more clinical investigations are necessary.

As with all forms of complementary and alternative medicine, it is important to talk with your physician about the potential benefits of PEMF therapy before you begin. In addition to its pain relieving qualities, the use of PEMF is non-invasive and may result in improvements in range of motion, muscle function, and motor skills.

When you first start using PEMF therapy, it is best to set up a schedule with a specialist. While you can use a home-use device, it is not as powerful as a professional device. A medical specialist is able to evaluate the extent of your injury and recommend the type of PEMF therapy you should use.

PEMF therapy works by using solenoids to send pulsed electromagnetic fields into your body. These electromagnetic fields are low in frequency. They are not as high as thunderstorm waves, but they can have a significant impact on the body.

A PEMF machine can be quite large and bulky. You may need a larger device if you suffer from a serious injury, such as fractures. There are also PEMF machines that are smaller and easier to carry around. Other devices are designed to target particular parts of the body.

PEMF is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that may be beneficial for a wide variety of people. Whether or not you decide to use this method, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that you are using an appropriate device. Additionally, you should not use your phone during your session.

A few contraindications for PEMF therapy are not recommended. For example, there are some devices that are magnetism prone, so it is not advisable to wear them. Also, you should avoid putting devices near other equipment, such as PCs. Finally, you should avoid using devices with magnetisable metal parts.

To begin a PEMF therapy program, you should follow the user manual and consult your doctor. The length of your therapy will depend on the severity of your condition, so it is important to be consistent and complete the full cycle of treatments.